2013 United States F-T/R Team Selection

It’s that time again. Worlds are once again just over a year and a half away. In the past 4
years, much has changed in the F-T/R game. Most noticeably, the participation has
skyrocketed. We have come from 19 shooters in 2007 to over 60 at the 2011 Nationals in
Lodi. The level of competition has risen as well. There was only around a 3% spread in
scores for the top 30 places this year. That’s tighter than it has ever been since I started
keeping statistics on it. The top 15 spots had only a 2% score spread.

Around this time in 2008, I was naming a Team for the 2009 World Championships in
Bisley, England. Due to the restrictions on F-T/R as a class, at the time, the Team I
ended up taking to England was only half the size that the 2013 Team will be. For the
2013 F-Class World Championships, we will be fielding an 8 person National Team
(with 2 alternates), as well as a 4 person Rutland Cup Team (with 1 alternate).

With the dramatic increase in both the participation and the level of competition,
selecting this group was especially difficult. There were many qualified applicants to
choose from. My selection criteria have not changed over the years. All of the 40+
applicant’s qualifications were dumped into a matrix to get sorted. As I have stated, the
initial sort was done by looking at the best data I have that compares all of the shooters
side by side, ie. Nationals scores. More weight was given to those times when I could
compare shooter vs. shooter on the same relay, when they were facing the *exact* same
conditions. From there, there were modifiers for International Team experience, etc. etc.
etc. ad nauseum! 50 million calculations later, a ranking was developed.
The Team:
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Captain: Darrell Buell
• Vice Captain: Mike Miller
• Head Coach: Mid Tompkins
• Coach: Steve Cunico
• Adjutant: Kathy Buell
• Shooters:
• Jeff Rorer
• John Hayhurst
• John Chilton
• Chris Ozolins
• John Weil
• Dale Carpenter
• Derek Rodgers
• Philip Kelley
• Warren Dean
• Brad Sauve
• Paul Phillips
• Monte Milanuk

Contact Information

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 441
Mineral, VA 23117
TEL: 865 229-2561 

National Rifle Association of America
To join call:1-800-672-3888