Peter A. LaBerge
Team Captain

Peter is a senior design engineer at Avnet Corporation and now lives in Cary, North Carolina with his wife of 24 years, Lori, daughter Kami and son Austin. Peter started shooting competitively over 40 years ago on the family farm in Vermont with his eight brothers. He is a five-time member of the United States Palma Team and is a past United States National Long Range Champion, winner of the prestigious Wimbledon Cup and the Palma Cup at Camp Perry. Peter has also won several team competitions with his brothers as teammates. Peter is currently the Team Captain of the United States Palma Team. Peter and his family enjoy spending their leisure time at their vacation home in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.

Gary Rasmussen
Vice Captain

Gary lives in Bellingham, Washington and started shooting rifles as a teenager in the Bellingham Rifle Club Junior programs. He began shooting highpower in 1975 and won silver medals at the National Highpower Rifle Championships at Camp Perry in 1984 and 1991. Gary has also won the Palma Individual Trophy at Camp Perry on two occasions, ten other trophy matches at Camp Perry and has set four national records in highpower rifle competitions. He has qualified for four United States Palma Teams and participated in the1985 competition in Bisley, England, the 1995 competition at Trentham, New Zealand and the 1999 competition in Bloemfontein, South Africia. Gary qualified as a shooter for the 2003 United States Palma Team at Bisley, England but requested and subsequently won a coaching position on the team. He is currently the Vice Team Captain of the United States Palma Team.

Roger Whitney

Roger retired from the U.S. Air Force as a Lieutenant Colonel in 1987 after a career of 26 years. During most of his career he managed people and projects in the comptroller and budget fields. He served as the Team Captain for the Air Force Highpower Rifle Team from 1984 to 1987. This was a time of rebuilding of the Air Force Team, after many years of non-participation in competition. Roger is a Distinguished Rifleman and has continued to shoot, manage and coach after retiring from the Air Force. He served as the Vice Team Captain for the U.S. Goodwill Team at the annual long range matches in Ottawa, Canada since 1995. Roger was the Palma Team Adjutant at Bisley in 2003. Roger is a technical consulting manager for a major computer manufacturer and service provider. He enjoys riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle, spending time with his wife Linda and shooting small bore matches in the winter time.

Jim Cloward

James Cloward was born in the great state of Utah. He began logging at the age of 12 which began a career of recognizing great gun stock wood at an early age. Today he is one of the premier gunsmiths in the world. Jim’s rifles have traveled to Africa, Asia, and all of North America to take big game of all species. In the process of designing and building big game rifles, Jim has built some of the best and most successful Target Rifles in the USA. His rifles have won numerous World and USA Championships. Jim’s wife Annette and his son Erik have always supported him in his love for fine rifles and a good hunt. Jim is a Distinguish Rifleman and High Master shooter in both Long Range and USA across the course three position shooting.

Middleton Tompkins
Head Coach

Mid was born in Long Beach, California and started shooting small bore at the age of 12. He then changed to highpower in 1955 and won the first of 6 National Championships in 1958. He joined the United States Air Force in 1959 and competed on the Air Force Team for 4 years. After graduation from the University of California at Long Beach, Mid did property management until he retired in 1988. Mid has been a firing member, coach and captain of 17 previous Palma Teams and won the World F-Class Championship in 2005. He has also been a member of the United States Veterans and F-Class Teams. Mid is a coach on the current Palma Team. Mid is married to Nancy Gallagher-Tompkins and has 2 step daughters, Sherri and Michelle. Nancy and Michelle are firing members on the current United States Palma Team and Sherri was the winner of the World Long Range Championship in 2003 in Bisley, England.

Robert Jones

Bob is currently a coach on the United States Palma Team. He has been associated with 4 Palma Teams and for the past 14 years has focused mainly on shooting and coaching. Bob has also participated in a few National Record Team Events and has been part of top place team finishes at the Camp Perry National Matches, regional matches and state championships. Bob sells corrective lenses and he designs and manufactures accessories for both target and match rifle sights for shooters worldwide. His web site is

Robert Mead

In 1994, Bob retired from a career in heavy highway construction and he currently manages his family farms. He has successfully competed individually and as a target rifle and F-Class coach at the state, regional, national and international levels. Bob coached the winning 4-man United States of America Team at the F-Class World Championships. In 2006, he coached the winning National High Civilian Team in the Wimbledon Cup Match. Bob enjoys playing poker and he also accompanies his wife of 34 years, Patricia, on many genealogical research trips. Bob is extremely proud to be a coach on the United States of America Palma Team.

SSGT Emil Praslick III

Staff Sergeant Praslick is currently the head coach of the Service Rifle Team at the United States Army Marksmanship Unit and a coach on the United States Palma Team. He enjoys both domestic and international shooting. Besides competing and coaching for the United States Army Team, he was a member of the 2003 United States Palma Team, a coach for the 2002 and 2005 United States F-Class Team and has competed at the Dominion of Canada Rifle Association matches at Connaught in Ottawa for the last few years. Emil, his wife Cathy, and new son Emil IV, reside in Columbus, Georgia. He enjoys playing chess, guitar and traveling with his family.

Nancy Tompkins-Gallagher

Nancy Tompkins lives in Prescott, Arizona with her husband Mid. She is the mother of Michelle Gallagher (member 2007 Palma Team and five time Wimbledon Champion) and Sherri Gallagher–Hurd (current World Long Range Champion and 2007 U-25 Team). This is Nancy’s 6th Palma Team since 1985. Her major accomplishments include four time National Long Range Champion, National High Power Champion, five time Leech Cup winner, and numerous other awards. She shoots a Stolle Panda action, a Kreiger barrel, and an Anschultz trigger.

Lane Buxton
Lane resides with his wife of 20 years in Orangevale, California. He is a general contractor and developer in the Sacramento area. He graduated from Westmont College with a BA in Economics and from SCUS with an MBA. He has been shooting local highpower matches for about 10 years and first fired a Palma Rifle in 2005. Lane has placed second in a number of state and regional matches but will never give up. He shoots a Gamboa-built rifle with a swing action and a Krieger barrel. When he is not shooting, Lane enjoys hunting, fishing or loading more ammunition.

Ty Cooper
Ty was born and raised in California and now resides in Ft. Mitchell, Alabama with his new wife Nicole. He began his shooting career at the age of 14, competing with the California State Service Rifle Team. He was a member of the United States Under 25 (Young Eagles) Team, competing in the World Long Range Championships in 2003. In 2004, Ty joined the United States Army to shoot for the Army Marksmanship Unit and has competed in numerous matches and won both team and individual awards. Ty is currently the head coach of the 2007 U21/U25 team.

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Dennis is Vice President-Engineering, DIRECTV, Hughes Electronics. Dennis resides in Irvine, California. He started competitive shooting in 1965 in the California Junior program. Dennis has participated in three winning state teams at the USA National Matches and was a shooting member of the 1995, 1999 and 2003 USA Palma Teams. He has won the California State Long Range Championship as well as National Long Range Matches. He shoots RPA and Paramount actions with Krieger barrels in a specialized prone stock of his own design. Dennis and his family enjoy hiking, skiing and water sports.

Michelle Gallagher
Michelle is a Marketing Coordinator for Berger Bullets and lives in La Habra, California. This is Michelle’s first United States Palma Team membership but she has been shooting since she was 7 years old. Some of her shooting accomplishments include winning the Wimbledon Cup 5 times and the Long Range Nationals 3 times. She was the Team Captain for the United States Under 25 Team (Young Eagles) in 2000 and 2003. Michelle uses a Stolle Panda Rifle with a Kreiger Barrel.

Randall Gregory
Randall is a first-time member of the United States of America Palma Team. He is a past National Long Range Champion and has a shooting career that spans nearly 4 decades. He has won many state and regional championships. He is a gunsmith and owns his own business, Accuracy Unlimited, and will soon be marketing his own line of cut rifled barrels. Randall and his wife Jackie live in Medford, Wisconsin and enjoy traveling. Jackie is active in the VFW Auxiliary and Randall coaches Junior Small Bore. He enjoys hunting and is a Green Back Packer football fan.

Jon Howell
Jon lives in Bear, Delaware, with his wife Barbara and his 2 sons, Jonathan and Christopher. He is a practicing organic fluorine chemist, makes new perfluorinated lubricants and holds many patents and publications. In addition, he has given technical talks to United States and International audiences. Jon is a long time competitor shooting long range, across the course, and most recently, small bore. Jon’s preferred rifles for full bore have Bernard Actions, either Kreiger or Border barrels, and were made by Warner Tool Company. Jon has won a number of matches over the years, including the first United States Army Matches, many state championships, the first ever Kovalchik Championship, and he holds the National Match Individual Record of 500-30X. When not shooting or making ammunition, he and Barbara are building a new home in Bear Delaware.

Ed Huskins
Ed is a first time United States Palma Team Member from Carthage, North Carolina. He is married with two grown children and four grandchildren. Ed retired from the United States Army Special Forces with over 20 years service and then worked as a Special Operations Sniper Instructor for 21 years before retiring for good in 2006. Now his time is spent with grandchildren or playing with firearms.

Carl B. Kovalchik
In 1997, Carl retired from the United States Secret Service after serving 5 United States Presidents during his 21- year career. Once Carl retired, he and his wife Barbara opened a security and firearms training firm. They have a daughter Mindy and live in Kittrell, North Carolina. In addition to work and shooting, Carl enjoys hunting, golf, motorcycles, old cars and working on their farm. In 1996, Carl set the national record for the 1,000-yard, any rifle, any sight event at Quantico, Virginia and he also won the Wimbledon Cup that year at Camp Perry. This is his first participation with a Palma Team.

Michael Maurer
Michael lives and works in the Seattle, Washington area. He is a third- time member of the United States Palma Team and shoots an RPA Quadlok, Kreiger Barrel with a Gemini Stock. Michael is a five-time Washington State Highpower Champion, and eight-year Washington State Long Range Champion. Michael and his wife, Barbara, have been married for thirty years and have two children, Clinton and Tracy and a new daughter-in-law, Lindsay. Michael and his family enjoy hiking and camping with their dog Hank.

Noma Mayo
Noma is an independent marketing associate with Wellness International Network LTD. She is also part owner of a locomotive leasing company, Nevada Industrial Switching. She lives in Santa Clara, California. Noma is seven times National Woman’s Highpower Champion. Noma was on the 1988, 1999 and 2003 USA Palma Teams and was the 1988 Individual World Long Range Woman’s Champion in Australia. She has won the California State Highpower Championships four times and has achieved several national records and awards including winning the Wimbledon Cup in 1980. Noma shoots an RPACG flat bottom action with a Krieger barrel.

Kent Reeve
Kent is a third-time member of the United States Palma Team. He and is wife Lisa and their two children, Katelyn and Travis, live in Cary, North Carolina. Kent manages a team of technical software instructors for the largest private software company in the world. Kent’s most recent shooting accomplishment was winning the 2006 Long Range Championships at Camp Perry. He has also won matches at the local, state, national and international level competing in long range, small bore prone and highpower. During Palma competition, Kent uses Nesika and RPA actions equipped with Lilja barrels. When not shooting, he enjoys golf, camping, watching his daughter run track and play soccer, watching/listening to his son drumming heavy metal and hanging out with the two family dogs.

Jon Rhynard
Jon is a retired Air Force pilot residing in Haughton, Louisiana. He began competitive shooting in high school with the Terre Haute, Indiana YMCA small bore youth program. Jon has competed in Hi Power for more than 20 years and has been active in Long Range for 12 years. This is his first time on the Palma Team. He shoots a rifle built around an RPA action and Krieger barrel.

Ron Sekellick
Ron is from Canton, Connecticut where he lives with his wife Sharon and Labrador Retriever, Raven. Ron is a retired chemical engineer, last working in the field of industrial filtration using porous metals. He began his shooting career at Northeastern University shooting small bore, then highpower and finally long range. He has won silver and bronze medals at the 2003 World Long Range Championships in Bisley, England. Ron uses Barnard Actions and Kreiger Barrels for Palma shooting. While shooting and preparing for shooting takes up most of his time, he also enjoys skiing, fishing and duck hunting. He is also an occasional contributor of articles to the Precision Shooting Magazine.

Justin Skaret
Justin works for Raytheon Missile Systems as a Field Test Engineer for the Excalibur Program (a CPS Guided Artillery Munition) and lives in Tucson, Arizona with his wife Jen and his two children, Sydney and Collin. Justin has been a member of the United States Marine Corps Reserve Rifle Team since 2000 and is a distinguished marksman. He was the Creedmoor Cup Service Rifle Champion in 2003 and was on the first place team in the McMillan Sniper Competition in 2005. He uses a McMillan Tubb Rifle with a Mark Chanlynn Barrel.

John Whidden
John Whidden is a newcomer to the Palma Team. He is from Nashville, Georgia and he and his wife Carrie have a daughter, Susanna. John’s primary occupation is farming. He is also a partner in Whidden Gunworks, a retail gun shop that builds custom rifles. John builds all of his competitive rifles and he enjoys the challenge of attempting to advance rifle accuracy. A lifelong competitive shooter, John has shot a number of different disciplines with rifles, shotguns and pistols.

Tom Whitaker
Tom is a practicing dentist living in Yorba Linda, California. He has been shooting for 48 years, during which time he has competed in small bore, ISSF, and full bore. He was a member of the 1979 United States of America Pan-American Team, a member of 3 United States of America Palma Teams and main coach of the 2003 United States of America Palma Team. Tom has won several national and international championships and holds several United States records in both small bore and highpower rifle. Tom has a CGC and CSM. He builds his own rifles and uses a Stolle Panda with a Bartlein Barrel in a modified McMillan Stock.

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