2003 PALMA Team


Charles Clark
Charles works for Denver Adult Probation for the State of Colorado. Charles, 45, lives in Denver, Colorado. He began competitive shooting at the age of 11. He first shot smallbore in the junior program at Ft. Monmouth, New Jersey. From the early 1980’s through the middle 1990’s, Charles assisted and eventually was the head coach for the University of Colorado Rifle Team. He continues to compete in smallbore outdoors. He began competing in long range in 1997. This is his first time on the PALMA Team. Charles and his wife enjoy hiking and traveling.

David L. Crandall
David works as a Senior Program Specialist for the Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory and is presently managing programs for the Department of Defense. He holds bachelor and master degrees in mechanical engineering. He has been an active competitor since 1970 in pistol and then rifle marksmanship. David has been the Idaho State Champion five times since beginning active long-range competition in 1996. He holds the Distinguished Rifleman badge and Long Range High Master rating and is now a member of the US PALMA Team. David has a long-standing interest in gunsmithing, machine work, and holds several firearms related patents.

Norman F. Crawford
Norm, 53, was born in Lunenburg, Vermont. Norm resides in Fayetteville, NC where he retired as a SGM after a 30-year Army career. He is married with two daughters age 16 and 14 and is now a Department of the Army, Security Specialist, at Fort Bragg, NC. In high school, he shot Smallbore rifle and has been a long-range shooter since 1991. A former holder of the Service National Record for the USA PALMA Regional Aggregate; he has won the USA PALMA Regional Aggregate, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia State Long Range Championships. He has been the North State Shooting Club Long Range team captain since 2000. This is his second time on the USA PALMA Team. Norm shoots Remington and RPA actions with Krieger Barrels.

Dennis R. Flaharty
Dennis is Vice President-Engineering, DIRECTV, Hughes Electronics. Dennis resides in Irvine, California. He started competitive shooting in 1965 in the California Junior program. Dennis has participated in three winning state teams at the USA National Matches and was a shooting member of the 1995 and 1999 USA PALMA Team. He has won the California State Long Range Championship as well as National Long Range Matches. He shoots RPA and Paramount actions with Krieger barrels in a specialized prone stock of his own design. Dennis and his family enjoy hiking, skiing and water sports.

Johnie Franklin
Johnie resides in Tulsa, Oklahoma and owns and operates commercial properties and professional dry cleaning plants in Oklahoma’s three largest cities. He is a firing member of the USA PALMA team for the third time and active in national and international long range rifle shooting. He placed second in the Australian National Rifle Championships in 2001 and is currently the World Veterans Individual Champion. This is his third PALMA Team. In addition to rifle shooting he is a serious amateur photographer. He shoots a Gamboa rifle that is built around an RPA action and Krieger barrel.

Robert J. Gamboa, Vice Captain
"Bob", 63, is the owner of an automotive body and frame shop in Sacramento, California. He won the Army Cup in 1986 and has been the California State Long Range Highpower Champion. He was a firing member of the 1992 and 1999 U.S. PALMA Team. He also is a custom rifle and stock builder. He shoots an RPA Quadlok lefthanded action with a Benjamin or a Krieger barrel.

Raymond Gross
Ray grew up shooting on his parent’s farm near Coleman, Michigan. He was first introduced to formal competitive shooting in 1990, and became Distinguished in 1995. Additionally, in the States, Ray has won the Army Cup, the Andrus Trophy twice, the Sierra Cup, and the Mid-west PALMA Championship twice. In Canada he has won the both the MacDougall and Klondike Trophies. A single parent, Ray has a beautiful daughter, Anna, who he enjoys watching play basketball. After college, Ray went to work for Huron Mat Rentals, where he has been the General Manager for the last 15 years. Lately, Ray has actually begun using his Computer Science degree on some side projects. However, he feels his best work was as an advertising model for British sound system manufacturer Tannoy.

Robert A. Gustin
A veteran of the California Highway Patrol, “Bob”, 54, resides in Carlsbad, California. He started competitive shooting at age 13. He was a collegiate All-American and in 1970-72, he was a member of the U.S. Army Marksmanship Training Unit. He has won several Smallbore and Highpower titles including the 1975 National Smallbore Position Champion, plus winning the Leech Cup, Herb “Doc” Aitken and Andrus Trophies. He was a member of the 1995 and 1999 PALMA Teams. Bob shoots a Paramount action with a Krieger barrel.

John D. Hoham
Major Hoham started shooting Highpower rifle in 1989 and was selected to shoot on the U S Marine Reserve Rifle Team in 1991. He was appointed Team Captain in 1998 and earned the Marine Corps Distinguished Rifleman Badge in 2002. He has been a member of the USA Goodwill Rifle Team to Canada three times. He is married with a son and two daughters. His son, Ted (14), is an alternate on the USA Under 21 Team. He is self-employed and operates a plastics fabrication company. He shoots a Witchata action, with a Kreiger barrel, and McMillan stock.

David Karcher
David, 33, is a native of Slidell, LA and started his shooting career in 1992 as a member of the San Diego, CA. Marine Corps Recruit Depot Shooting Team under the direction of CWO Gene Rucks. In 1993 David joined the USMCR Rifle Team where he has shared joint responsibilities of representing the Marine Corps Reserves as a Service Rifle shooter and as a Primary Marksmanship Instructor. He is currently a Gunnery Sergeant and the head coach for the USMCR Rifle Team. Predominantly an “across the course” shooter, David started competing in Long Range competitions in 2001. His list of accomplishments include: USMC Distinguished Marksman, USMC Distinguished Pistol Shot, USMC Silver Lauchiemmer award, 2000 Louisiana State Service Rifle Champion, Winner of the 2000 Mississippi State Highpower Championship, 2002 Colorado State Service Rifle Champion, and is the 2002 National Champion for the Civilian Marksmanship Program. When not shooting, David is an Electrical Engineer in his home of Colorado Springs, Co.

Robert Jones, Coach
A professional auto maintenance technician, "Bob" also operates an optical diopter shooting supply business for iron sight enhancement. Bob, 56, grew up in Mexico, Missouri and now resides in Phoenix, Arizona. He shoots both highpower rifle and smallbore prone. He was a coach on three prior USA PALMA Teams. Bob shoots a Paramount action with a Krieger barrel.

Peter LaBerge, Team Captain
Pete started shooting competitively over 30 years ago on the family farm in Vermont with his eight brothers. Pete has been a member of the USA PALMA Team four times in 1976, 1985, 1992, and 1995. Pete won the National Long Range Championships in 1991 and won the PALMA Match at Camp Perry in 1987. Pete also won several team competitions with his brothers as teammates. Pete is a design and verification engineer at IBM and now lives in Cary, North Carolina with his wife Lori, his 15-year-old daughter Kamila, and his 12-year-old son Austin.

Rob Mango
SGT Rob Mango is a native of Washington Township, New Jersey. He first served in the U.S. Marine Corps from 1992 to 2000 and was a member of the USMC Rifle Team from 1994 to 2000. He went distinguished with the rifle in 1995 and pistol in 1996. He joined the Army Marksmanship Unit, Fort Benning, Georgia, in 2000 and shot on the Service Rifle team until January 2003. He is currently serving on the International Pistol Team at the AMU. He is a two-time Marine Corps Match Rifle Champion, a member of three national record setting teams and holds an International Combat Rifle match record.

Michael E. Maurer
Mike, 52, from Renton Washington, is a retail sales supervisor. Mike has been shooting competitively for 14 years. He is a two time Washington State High Power champion, seven years Washington State Long Range champion and a four time Northwest Long Range champion. This is his second U.S. PALMA team. Mike shoots a RPA Quadlock with Krieger barrels.

Robert Metaxas
Robert is a police officer for the Eureka Police Department in Northern California. He has been in law enforcement for eighteen years and is currently assigned as a detective in the Criminal Investigations Division. He is a SWAT team member and the department’s chief firearms instructor. He began shooting long range four years ago and his other hobby is fly-fishing for steelhead.

Sandy Pagel
Sandy, 35, is an Electric Trap Technician for Outers Operations-Ammunition Accessories, Inc., a division of Alliant Tech Systems. Sandy also represents the Federal Cartridge Company. She grew up in Waunakee, Wisconsin and went to school at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater where she graduated with a degree in Instrumental Music Education. Currently she lives in Stoddard Wisconsin. Sandy started shooting Highpower rifle in 1984 with the help of Earl Liebetrau of EKL Enterprises. Sandy is a two time National Highpower Rifle Women Champion, a three time Wisconsin State PALMA Champion and for the first time in 2002 she is the Midwest PALMA Champion. This will be Sandy’s first opportunity to shoot with the USA PALMA team.

Eric Pintard
An engineering geologist, Eric resides in Diamond Bar, California. He was a member of three previous PALMA Teams. Eric was the Bronze Medalist in the 1995 World Long Range Individual Championships and placed 2nd in the 1997 South African National Championship Grand Aggregate. He also won the Wimbledon Cup in 1987 and was the 1998 California State Long Range Champion. Eric also shoots Smallbore prone. Some of Eric’s other interests are volleyball, snow skiing and cycling. He shoots a Paramount action and a Krieger barrel.

Emil Praslick III
SGT Praslick was assigned to the Army Marksmanship Unit, Fort Benning, Georgia in 1998 from the 2nd Ranger Battalion and won the Interservice Rifle Individual Championship. He holds the national record for High Service Individual PALMA Course. He enjoys reading English Literature, a fine bottle of wine and playing golf. He is a native of Brewster, New York.

Gary E. Rasmussen, Coach
A rangemaster for Whatcom County Parks and Recreation Department, Bellingham, Washington, Gary, 51, won the USA PALMA Individual Trophy Match twice at Camp Perry, Ohio, in 1982 and 2001. He has been shooting at Camp Perry since 1975 where he has won over 10 trophy matches. Gary qualified for four previous PALMA Teams. This year he was selected as a coach for the 2003 PALMA Team.

Kent Reeve
Kent is a second time member of the US PALMA Team and is from Cary, North Carolina. Kent is married to Lisa and they have two children, Katelyn and Travis. When not shooting, Kent spends his time watching Katelyn and Travis playing on their soccer teams and towing them around the lake with the boat so they can enjoy knee boarding and tubing. Kent manages a team of technical software instructors for the largest private software company in the world. His shooting and his job get him around the states and he has won matches at the local, state, national, and international level. In addition to PALMA shooting, Kent shoots Long Range, Small Bore Prone, and High Power. For his PALMA shooting, Kent shoots Nesika actions equipped with Lilja barrels.

Dan Simpson
Dan is the Vice President of Operations for Galaxy Glass & Aluminum a Commercial glass and glazing sub contractor. He lives in Deerfield New Hampshire and enjoys bird hunting with his Yellow Lab "Emma". Dan was the Governor General Gold Medal winner at the C.F.R.C. matches in 2001 and was Captain of the U.S. Rifle Team to Canada in 2002. Dan has won many state and regional matches in both High Power and Long Range shooting events.

Roger Whitney, Adjutant/Armorer
Roger retired from the U.S. Air Force as a Lieutenant-Colonel in 1987 after a career of 26 years. During most of his career he managed people and projects in the comptroller and budget fields. He served as the Team Captain for the Air Force Highpower Rifle Team from 1984 to 1987. Roger is a Distinguished Rifleman. He served as the Vice Team Captain for the U.S. Goodwill Team at the annual long range matches in Ottawa, Canada since 1995. Roger is a technical consulting manager for a major computer manufacturer and service provider. He enjoys riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle, spending time with his wife Linda and shooting small bore matches in the winter time.

Noma Zinsmaster-Mayo
Noma is an independent marketing associate with Wellness International Network LTD. She is also part owner of a locomotive leasing company, Nevada Industrial Switching.
She lives in Santa Clara, California. Noma is seven times National Woman’s Highpower Champion. Noma was on the 1988 and 1999 USA PALMA Team and was the 1988 Individual World Long Range Woman’s Champion in Australia. She has won the California State Highpower Championships four times and has achieved several national records and awards including winning the Wimbledon Cup in 1980. Noma shoots an RPACG flat bottom action with a Krieger barrel.

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